As a huge fan of Noisia, and their weekly radio show, I wanted to create an animated intro for their immersive sound design at the beginning of each episode. Our scene takes place in the ominous future years after the last radio show has been broadcast. Somehow a being has entered the decrepit beacon activating its signal once more.
As a musical trio Dutch artists: Nik Roos, Martijn Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger work on their combined music separately. As one member starts a track that's mutually liked they then come together to finish it. To represent this workflow I wanted the three members to start off at the beginning of the opening scene disunited. They then would come together to form their signature logo and begin the unlock sequence of the radio beacon. Once unlocked, a hologram visualizer would emit from the logo deciphering the audio signal in a three-dimensional form.
The hero object of the animation was a structure that clearly exhibited the Noisia logo. It had to hold the three members in life pods that were able to functionally move across the surface in order to form the logo. All hard surface modeling was done in Cinema 4D.
The final element of the animation was to create an audio visualizer to interpret the voices heard from the radio signal. I wanted this visualizer to resemble the audio spectrum seen in music production software, as well as mimic the motion of transverse sound waves. To achieve this I used the simple dynamics of oscilloscopes. I then applied this movement to a more complex three-dimensional form.
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