While interning at Strangeloop Studios I had the opportunity to create visual content for Bonobo's 2017 Visual Show. My task was to create looping animations that embodied the euphoric  journey into Bonobo's Migration album. Heavily inspired by the surreal landscapes created by Neil Krug for the album, the three visual styles I animated content for were: Particle Fields, Topographic Maps, and Particle Flocks.
Building upon the themes found within Bonobo's Migration album I created particle fields with smooth movement that felt like a surreal part of nature. Abstract organic forms were modeled in Cinema 4D. Then point clouds were formed from each shape's vertices to build the base structures.
Mountain ranges were a constant source of imagery seen throughout the Migration album and visual show. To further develop this imagery I created topographic animations that would represent these mountain ranges in a new graphical form. The topographic maps were designed and animated in 2D. They then were applied as bump maps on 3D planes.  
Particle simulations that emulated the flocking behavior of birds were created to further expand the naturalistic motifs of the show. The goal of these particle flocks was to flow organically across the screen display. This created space that existed beyond what was seen on screen.
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